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Red Barn

About Us

The Farmer’s Creed is a classic poem dedicated to farmers and timeless concepts such as hard work,  love of family, helping neighbours, and love for the land.  Farmer’s Creed Corp. honours and embodies the spirit of the poem.   Farmer’s Creed Beer is dedicated to farmers, ranchers, their families, friends, business partners, customers, and supporters, basically you! 

Farmer’s Creed Corp. is farmer-owned and unlike many small breweries that are locally focused we are focused on serving and honouring farmers, their friends, and supporters all over Ontario.

Farmers and ranchers work hard and nothing goes better after a day of hard work than a cold refreshing beer.  To bring you great tasting quality product we have partnered with a brewery with the experience and equipment to provide you with a consistent quality product.  Using a partner brewer is kind of like how many farmers rent fields for cultivation or pasture their livestock on leased land.   It not always about owning something but being creative with what you have.   Farmers get that! 


It's a small team but we bring in help when required or afforded just like how farmers have their support team with vets, hired hands, and suppliers. Maybe, if we sell enough beer, we will be able to build our own bricks and mortar brewery later.  Until then, let’s celebrate the words of The Farmer’s Creed in our lives and enjoy a beer or two inspired by its thoughts. 

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