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Our newest release, Rough Stock India Pale Ale celebrates the sport of Rodeo and is named after the non-human athletes in the sport.  


Rough Stock is used in events like Saddle Bronc, Bull Riding, and Bareback Bronc Riding.  In these events, the rider must stay on the animal for 8 seconds to be scored out of 100.  The rider also has to keep their free hand from touching the animal or equipment.  Other nuances such as form can enhance their score.  

As part of our Rough Stock IPA launch, Farmer's Creed Beer joined the Rawhide Rodeo in 2024 as a sponsor of their Ontario rodeos.

This IPA has citrus and pine notes imparted by the dry hopping process.  In addition to Simcoe hops during brewing, Amarillo, Mosaic, and Citra are used to infuse oils, aromatics, and additional flavour.  We hope that you enjoy this latest brew!  Rough Stock IPA, it's a wild ride!

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In the Chute!
Saddle Bronc
Eight Seconds is All
Rough Stock Glassware Pairing
Barrel Racing
Bull Riding
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