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Jessica riding Marvel bareback.
Kyle on Gate
Jessica, our farrier, with Marvel the horse.  Real people are the inspiration for Longhorn Lager.
Whittling is a pastime enjoyed in the field or on the porch
Longhorn Lager Glassware Pairing

Our first offering is named after the iconic and distinctive cattle breed.  We can only hope that our Longhorn Lager achieves a fraction of its renown.

Longhorn Lager is dedicated  to hardworking folks like Jessica.  She is a farrier who loves horses and works with them on a daily basis.  Like you, she puts in long days.  Getting kicked and wrestling with heavy hooves comes with the territory. She also helps to care for the longhorns pictured on this page.  She is no stranger to the breed having spent years living in longhorn country, Texas.  When she's off the clock, Jessica likes to relax with friends and loved ones while enjoying a cool one.


This is a smooth lightly filtered lager with a balanced taste and crisp finish.  Just as the longhorn has a classic distinctive look our beer is distinctive too.  Drinking one is a great way to finish the day overlooking a freshly tilled field or the herd grazing on fresh pasture. Grab the bull by the horns!

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A Longhorn staring us down.
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